Welcome to Luckenwalde!

Luckenwalde – the small city that has it all

Luckenwalde is a city with approx. 21,000 inhabitants 50 km south of Berlin and is situated between the beautiful landscapes of the Fläming region and the Baruth glacial valley. The city is the administrative center for more than 160,000 people as the capital of the district of Teltow-Fläming – one of the most dynamic economic regions in Germany.

Luckenwalde is a city in itself. It is far enough away from Berlin to preserve its own character outside of the suburbs. At the same time it is close enough to the metropolis to benefit from it – by airports, universities and research institutions, the labor market, or the creative potential.

Luckenwalde offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. There is a thermal bath as well as an outdoor swimming pool, a theater as well as a multiplex cinema. A special feature is Flaeming-Skate®, Europe’s unique skate course. It is filled with inline skaters, cyclists and longboarders on a 230 km network through green fields, woods and pleasant villages.

Regional growth center

Luckenwalde is specially subsidized by the state of Brandenburg as a regional growth center. The production of fire trucks (Rosenbauer Deutschland GmbH) and motor elements (Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG) are examples of traditional industry, which were able to survive through all eras of German history in Luckenwalde and laid the foundation for today’s wide range of industries. Automotive and metal as well as life sciences, the healthcare industry and biotechnology now make strong clusters and are the basis for the economic success of the city.

Short distances – good investment support

Luckenwalde benefits from being near to Berlin. Within Luckenwalde, distances are short as well. The Economic Development Agency of the city maintains excellent connections to all relevant stakeholders. New investors quickly get in touch with the right people – from the building permit to funding advice. Institutions such as the district administration or the regional chamber of commerce (IHK Potsdam) are based in Luckenwalde. Städtische Betriebswerke Luckenwalde GmbH (electricity, gas, heat, networks) and Nuthe Wasser und Abwasser GmbH (water and sewer) are also local municipal utilities, suppliers, and network operators. Thus, even complex technical issues and requirements of industrial establishment can be quickly, directly, and competently assessed and implemented.

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